Our planet is in crisis and all humanity on earth is under threat.

This is our last chance to protect our future.

Sign your name on this OPEN LETTER to Minister Creecy to show the leaders of South Africa how important it is to their people that they support the global goal for at least 30% protection of land & sea by 2030.   



Globally species are becoming extinct at a rate 1000 times above natural levels. Since the 1970s we have lost approximately 60% of the world’s terrestrial wildlife and 90% of the ocean’s big fish.


30×30 is a bold, global plan to protect at least 30% of the world’s land and sea by 2030. This is our planet’s last chance, and it is South Africa’s time to take action.


Science says reaching this minimum goal will help slow down the alarming loss of nature, fight the global climate crisis and ensure a more economically sustainable future for people.


Over 80 countries support this target, more than 20 of them are African nations, but South Africa is yet to commit. There are 30 days to go until the Convention of Biological Diversity (CBD) negotiations in Geneva where we can change this.


South Africa – Let’s do it now. For our people. For Our Planet. Support the global goal of #30x30NOW. 



This campaign aims to demonstrate that we are in a strong position to contribute to this global goal. If South Africa speaks up, our country can pave the way for more support across Africa, guarantee the rights and knowledge of our local communities are respected, drive increased funding for the Global South, and ensure the new Global Biodiversity Framework is one that is inclusive and effective.

We have 30 DAYS!  This is our planet’s last chance.

Towards the full realization of “Living in Harmony with Nature” by 2050, top scientists say we need half of the globe’s land and sea protected and restored to its natural state to ensure a surviving and thriving planet. We can start by protecting 30% by 2030.  We need our governments and our people to come together to show their support for this global goal.


On the 13th March 2022, the leaders of the world will gather at the Convention for Biological Diversity (CBD) in Geneva to negotiate the fate of our globe in the leadup to the UN biodiversity summit later in the year to be held in Kunming, China (COP 15), where Target 3 of the post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework is expected to be updated and finalised.



We appeal to the South African Government to show South Africans that they’re committed to our future.


YOU CAN HELP – Sign our open letter to Minister Creecy, Department of Forestry, Fisheries and Environment, South Africa.

SIGN OUR PLEA to Minister Creecy in support of the Global Goal